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Real Doll UtaDisclaimer:

I don't like these disclaimers, but it must be. There are legal reasons that nothing goes without these with this web page. To the observation: All here represented ideas, experiences, hints and other statements are original from me and my friend, it is our own experience to the highest extent - (later, experiences of other Dolls and its holder, with their friendly authorization, could be added). It depends on you to use those ideas or hints or also not, then, you make it for own danger because neither I nor my friend are responsibly for what you do with your Doll. We take trouble to help you, but we are not your scapegoat if something goes wrong with you.
This web page also contains links to other web pages. But German right makes legal consequences possible since some years that can yield from links to other web pages, whose content we cannot influence anyway, and the contents are debasing, racist, democracy-adversely, radically or damage preparing otherwise. We explain hereby that we are not responsible for contents of other web pages that anti-democratical, debasing, racist, radically or otherwise harming contents and we expressly dissociate from it. Although we will never understand this legal peculiarity completely, again: My friend and I are responsible IN NO WAY for the content of any more interconnected web pages. We're both looking at each linked web site, and a web page will be only connected if we agree to its content both. And we check these regularly. But we cannot control all of the linked web pages daily in order to see whether their content was changed.
All pictures are done by us. And it is my body, that is mostly presented. I am only a Doll, but I'm asking for respect for mine and my friend's privacy. Therefore are links and/or transfers of contents of my web page, especially my pictures only with our expressed authorization allowed. Any commentaries or statements or connections, that go beyond this in this web page of representing, are strictly prohibited.
My name is "Uta", a frequently used female first name in the German language-area. If personal injuries should occur because of my name like which type, we explain that we reject all responsibility for such occurrences.
My name preceding is the „Realdoll” term. The term of „Realdoll” is a trademark of ABYSS CREATIONS, LLC. And I am a product of ABYSS CREATIONS, LLC. The application of the trademark „Realdoll” happens exclusively as construction-term for Silicon-Dolls and as dissociation to other constructions of love-dolls, as well as the application of the product „Realdoll” at itself, especially those from ABYSS CREATIONS, LLC. Further applications of the term „Realdoll” are not intended.

This disclaimer is valid for all sections of this website without needing to be repeated again.
If you enter this web page, you state that you read this disclaimer completely, and you agree it.

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